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Arlington Pet Waste Removal

Little Stinkers of Memphis is now offering Arlington pet waste removal services!

Little Stinkers Pet Waste Removal Service is providing pooper scooper services and cat litter service in the Arlington, Tennessee area. No Pile too big, no yard to small. We do it all!  We have convienient waste removal hours for you and your family, and there is no contracts for you to sign.

What does Little Stinkers of Memphis do?

Our services include:

  • Pet waste removal service for your yard.
  • Cat litter boxes changed and cleaned.
  • We clean decks, patios, and carports – spraying for pet waste.
  • Curb-side service for any pet waste is available
  • and much more!

Why use an Arlington pet waste removal service?

Reason #1
Pet waste can transmit bacteria and viruses such as tapeworm, roundworm, E.Coli, Parvo and more

Reason #2
Pet waste, including urine stains, can not only damage your lawn, it can also give your lawn an unsightly appearance which could affect the value of your home. Pet waste is poisonous to your lawn.

Reason #3
Pet waste cannot be composted or used as fertilizer due to possible blood pathogens in the poop.

Click here to read a full list of reasons to let us service all of your Arlington pet waste removal needs!  Contact us today to get started!